Planning enforcement

Planning enforcement

Newham’s planning enforcement team investigate a range of breaches of planning permission, building control and other conservation issues.  

Things we investigate and enforce: 

  • Building or engineering work without permission 
  • Changing the use of land or buildings without permission 
  • Not meeting planning conditions 
  • Working on a listing building without consent 
  • Displaying advertisements (or hoardings) without consent 
  • Land or buildings which have, due to their condition, become a problem for local people and businesses – for example vandalised, abandoned and derelict buildings. 

When we decide whether to take action, we use the Government’s Planning Practice Guidance, and our own Planning Enforcement Guide, along with the Direct Action Guide to help inform our actions.  

Things planning enforcement can't help you with 

Boundary or party-wall disputes 

We cannot help you with these types of dispute, for example where there is a shared boundary and a new extension intrudes onto land next door. Contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau for more information.  

Blocked drives or access 

This type of problem might involve a shared driveway or private access road. It is illegal to block a highway of any kind and if you see this kind of behaviour, please contact the Metropolitan Police.