Fly-posting: Reporting and removal

Fly-posting is putting up advertisements, such as posters, stickers or signs on buildings, in underpasses, or on lampposts and other street furniture without permission. 

You can report fly-posting online through My Newham. 

Before you start, we will ask you: 

  • Where the illegal advertising is 
  • If you have any other details that could help us. 
Report fly-posting

If you see someone fly-posting and are able to safely take a photo or video without putting yourself in danger, tell us in your report. We may be able to use it to prosecute them. 

Report fly-posting 

You don't have to give your details, but if you use your My Newham account to tell us about the problem, you will be able to track our progress. 

What happens next? 

We will remove fly-posters in public places where possible. If there is evidence or a witness for a case of fly-posting, we can investigate and prosecute all offenders caught. 

If the fly-posters are on your property we will ask you to remove them and take steps to stop it in the future. 

Penalties for fly-posting 

Flyposting is a crime. You could receive a £80 fixed penalty fine from one of our enforcement officers or the police. A magistrate could give you a larger fine.