Fly-tipping: Reporting and removal 

Make sure your rubbish is not fly-tipped

If you use a clearance company to get rid of your rubbish, you should check that they are a registered waste carrier. There have been instances of businesses offering waste removal, who don’t dispose of it safely and just fly-tip around the borough. If a company illegally dumps your rubbish, you could be held responsible and prosecuted. 

Check if a waste contractor is registered on the Environment Agency website.

Where can items be left legally?  

There are organisations and charities in and around Newham who may be able to collect usable items for free, you can find out more about them on our donating unwanted items page.  

You can get rid of some items free of charge at the Jenkins Lane re-use and recycle centre - sometimes called ‘the tip’. If you think your items could be used by someone else, speak to a member of staff at Jenkins Lane. They will direct you to a special container for re-usable items