Beckton Walking and Cycling


Beckton Corridor

We are proposing two potential options to improve Beckton Corridor from Woolwich Manor Way / Beckton Station to the Ponds / Beckton Park.

We welcome your comments on the proposed design. Please provide any comments by e-mail by Sunday 7 April 2024.

Scheme area

Scheme area map

The proposed changes include the following elements:
•    Resurfacing the path
•    Improved lighting and new CCTV for personal safety
•    Outdoor gym equipment along the corridor

Path options

There are two proposals for the width of the path and how the path is used. Visualisations of these options are below.

Option A – shared use
a slight widening of the path and keeping the path as shared use for cyclists and pedestrians

Option B – separated use
widening the path further and installing a separate cycle track

Beckton Corridor – visualisations



Option A - Shared use 

Shared use

Option B - Separated use 

Separated use

Hallywell Crescent – proposed footpath 

We are proposing new pedestrian and cycle paths that connect Tollgate Road, Woolwich Manor Way and Hallywell Crescent. The proposals will include:

•    Widening the existing path from Tollage Road to provide a separate cycle track
•    A new shared cycle/pedestrian path along the existing grass verge on Hallywell Crescent
•    A new connection to Woolwich Manor Way to enable access without having to descend towards the subway
•    Improved lighting and site lines for personal safety

We welcome your comments on the proposed design. Please provide any comments by e-mail by Sunday 31 March 2024.

Hallywell crescent visualisation

Hallywell Crescent Consultation Drawing (PDF)

Frobisher Road Cycle Track and Crossing

Designs have been finalised and construction is currently in progress (as of March 2024). 


New proposed zebra crossings

Based on safety and pedestrian and cyclist needs, we have produced designs at two locations to add zebra crossings. 

Frobisher Road (Asda entrance) – designs have been finalised and construction is expected to start in 2024.

Roman Road – decision-making process is currently underway.

Proposed Zebra Crossing Locations

Frobsiher Rd (ASDA entrance)

Roman Road

Frobsiher road


Frobsiher road

Mitchell Walk

Construction works on Mitchell Walk were completed in mid-2023 to make it more accessible for all including new CCTV and lighting.

Mitchell Walk Improvements



Mitchell walk before


Mitchell walk after