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Assisted Collections

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We are able to offer either a permanent or temporary Assisted Collection for residents that are unable to move their bins. This means the bins will be collected and returned by the crews.

If you are unable to move the bins due to:

  • A permanent disability
  • Physical health or mental capacity issues
  • Short term support after surgery

and there are no other residents aged 16 or over in the property that can move them, we are able to provide an assisted collection service.

Bins cannot be collected from the rear of the property and must not be behind locked gates. Crews are also unable to collect bins placed at the tops of stairs.
You will need to request an Assisted Collection, and this request will last for two years.

The quickest and easiest way to make this request is to sign into your MyNewham account, visit the ‘Assisted Bin Collection’ section and fill in the form. You must have a MyNewham account to make your request.

Assisted collections form

If you are unable to complete this online form, please call our Contact Centre on 0208 430 2000.