Be Bin Day Ready


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we bringing in boundary collections? 

Boundary Collections will help us operate our waste and recycling collections more efficiently. 

How should my bins be presented?

Always present your bin at the edge of your property – for example next to your gate or at the end of your drive. Do not place your bin on the pavement as your bin should not obstruct pedestrians.

Your rubbish should also be completely contained within your wheeled bin.

  • The lid of the bin must be shut.
  • You shouldn't have left any side waste (either in bin bags or loose) next to it.
  • Your rubbish should be contained in bin bags inside your green-lidded bin. Your recycling should be placed loose inside your orange-lidded bin.
  • Where possible, you should place the handles of the bin facing towards the road.

What if I go on holiday?

Ask a neighbour to leave your bins on the boundary, or if possible leave them on the boundary – they won't be collected if they’re not on the boundary.  

What if I need an Assisted Collection due to illness, disability or condition?

If you need an Assisted Collection, permanently or temporarily, you can request one here.

My bin wasn’t collected, will you return?

Your bins may not have been collected due to the following reason(s):

  • Recycling bins contained non-recyclable items
  • Recycling or household rubbish bins contained items that would cause damage to the collection vehicle 
  • Recycling or household rubbish bins were too heavy to be safely lifted by the collection vehicle 
  • Recycling or household rubbish bins were not presented on the edge of your property. Bins should be placed as close to the pavement as possible – for example next to your gate or at the end of your drive. 

Your bin will now be collected the following week as long as it is presented correctly. Remember, no side waste will be accepted.

My bin wasn’t collected, what do I do with the excess waste?

You will need to take excess waste to Jenkins Lane. Opening times are here

My waste will not fit into the rubbish bin.

If you have a large family, you may be entitled to a larger bin. Please look here. Otherwise you need to use waste minimisation techniques and make sure you recycle as much as possible. 

My orange-lid recycling bin was not collected, but it was presented.

If a recycling bin contains incorrect items then the bin will not be collected. All items in this bin must be recyclable. You will need to remove the incorrect items and re-present the bin for collection next week. 

How do I know what can be recycled?

Full details are available here.

My bins were presented, and have all the correct items in them. They were not collected?

Please log a missed collection here within 24 hours and we will return and collect the bin. Please leave the bin on the edge of your property.