Be Bin Day Ready - the way we collect your waste and recycling is changing

Be Bin Day Ready - From 4 December 2023, you can recycle every week

Weekly Collections for rubbish and recycling

Weekly Recycling 

We will collect recycling every week to help residents recycle more and put less in their rubbish bin.

From 4 December 2023, the introduction of weekly recycling across the borough will increase our recycling rates and help to achieve our commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

We are making these changes to benefit all residents, the borough and the planet.

Check your collection day - from 4 December 2023

Your black or green bin is for household rubbish and your orange-lid bin is for recycling. They will both be collected weekly.

Don’t forget to put your recycling out for collection every week on your collection day.

From 4 December 2023, you can check your recycling bin collection day:

Check your bin collection day

On collection days, your waste and recycling bins are scheduled to be emptied between 6am and 10pm.

Know what you can recycle

You can now recycle more items in your bins. A guide to what items can go in your recycling bin can be found on our website.

You can put your recycling into the bin loose. Do not put black sacks into the bin as these cannot be recycled.

Any side waste or recycling left next to the bins will not be collected.  All rubbish and recycling must now be placed inside your waste and recycling bins.

For more information on property specific recycling, visit:

Only one waste bin and recycling bin per property will be collected. Larger households, i.e. six or more persons, may qualify for larger bins.

Request a new or replacement bin

We will not empty your bins if they:

  • contain waste that should be in a different bin or rubbish that would cause damage to the collection vehicle
  • are too heavy to be safely lifted by the collection vehicle

Following collection the bins will be returned to your property.