Apprenticeships and work experience

Work experience through Our Newham Work

Our work experience programme, which is run through Our Newham Work, can help you to gain skills and experience to improve your chances of employment.

The programme can introduce you to a network of employers and give you access to a range of training and employment opportunities in areas such as administration, retail, customer service and health and social care.

Work experience could also help you to:

  • Gain confidence and motivation
  • Gain experience in a working environment
  • Develop and enhance social and communication skills
  • Apply your own education and life experiences to the working environment
  • Build your CV
  • Progress into secure employment
Find out how Our Newham Work can help you. Call us on 020 3373 2957 or 020 3373 8975. 

Post 16 learning

Find out about continuing education after Year 11 on our Post 16 learning page.

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