Deferring school for Summer born children

How to apply for summer-born deferment

In Newham there are two options – pre and post offer.

In Newham there are two options – pre and post offer.

Option 1 (before school offer is made)

The Department for Education  recommends we should expect Newham families to make a reception application for their child’s normal age group at the usual time (national closing date 15 January preceding the September of the year the child would usually be expected to start) - even if they are considering applying for summer born deferment. At the time of this application the family can apply for summer born deferment.  

If you choose this option you will be advised before offer day if summer-born deferment will be granted at any of your preferred schools (named on the application).  

It must be noted at this time you will not be aware what school will be offered and it is possible that the child will not be offered a place at any of this schools but allocated another. This means for example that your 1st preference school may not grant your summer born entry then your 2nd and 3rd preference will. 

Under the rules of admission we must offer the place at the highest preference school that is possible based on child’s priority for a place at each of their preferred schools. So it is possible that you 2nd preference will agree summer born, but your 1st will not and then Pupil Services establish we can offer a place at the first preference school meaning summer born will not be granted to the child.  

Parent/legal guardians who want to apply for Summer-born before offer should submit their request for summer born deferment immediately after submitting their reception application using this form.

Complete and submit the application form​ 

Option 2 (after school offer is made)

Where a family wants know to If you decide to want to find out what school has been offered before making a decision they submit their request for summer born deferment immediately after you receive your offer letter using this form.

​Complete and submit the application form​ 

The head teacher will advise both Pupil Services and the parent/legal guardian in writing of their decision within 5 days of the deferment meeting.