Deferring school for Summer born children

What happens after applying

If delayed admission is agreed

The offered place is withdrawn and offered to the next child on the waiting list. The family therefore must apply for a reception place the following September (when the child would normally be entering Year 1. There is no guarantee a place will be offered at the school where you received approval to defer.

If your request is refused

You will receive a decision in writing to your request for delayed admission for each school you are interested in if you applied before offer day. If you applied after offer day you will receive an outcome from the school you have been offered a place. These decisions will usually be made following a face to face meeting with the school.

Right of appeal

There is no statutory right of appeal if you are refused Summer-born deferment. Where an applicant is unhappy with the decision regarding their application for summer-born deferment they may choose to lodge a complaint with the school who refused using their published complaints procedure.