School curriculum

Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE)

The 2020-2021 implementation of RSHE is the statutory responsibility of schools (DfE 2019) following meaningful consultation with parents and carers.

In Newham we have come together to establish ‘The Newham RSHE Partnership’, which is a coalition of schools, professional associations, Newham Council and experts in the field of RSHE. 

  • In 2019-2020 The RSHE Partnership led a wide-ranging consultation with parents and carers, community stakeholder groups, governors, teachers and their representatives, pupils, where appropriate, and PSHE providers.
  • This consultation was to ensure the best outcomes for our pupils in Newham by being committed to support the teaching of high-quality relationships, sex and health education (RSHE).
  • RSHE should enable our children and young people to learn about themselves and the world they live in, giving them the skills, understanding and information they need for life, helping them to stay safer and to flourish not just in childhood and adolescence but also in adulthood.
  • The Newham RSHE partnership continues to support, schools, and other education providers, to deliver statutory RSHE. This support provides high quality, age appropriate RSHE that is respectful of, and sensitive to, the diverse needs and backgrounds of pupils in Newham.
  • Following our consultation, and based on previous research, Newham has adopted a faith and student-sensitive approach to the teaching of RSHE.

There may be differences of opinion concerning the content, methods and materials used in RSHE, but we will, as far as is possible, under British equalities law and with respect for all groups, engage with the differences to find inclusive ways to deliver RSHE in Newham.

It is compulsory for pupils to attend relationships, health and any teaching about sex contained within the national curriculum for science. However, parents have the right to remove their child from any sex education classes, up until three terms before they are 16, at which point pupils will be able to remove themselves if they wish.

Aspects of RSHE are compulsory in all schools

Relationships Education

Relationships and Sex Education

Health Education

All schools providing primary education

All schools providing secondary education

All maintained schools

Every school will have a RSHE policy which you can ask to see.