Moving Traffic Contraventions

Moving Traffic Contraventions (MTCs)

Newham Council is now enforcing Moving Traffic Contraventions across the borough.

This means that motorists contravening traffic restrictions will be filmed by CCTV and sent a penalty charge notice by post.

A list of locations where these contraventions are enforced and related signs is available at MTCs enforcement locations.

Why the Moving Traffic Contraventions programme has been introduced

Newham Council was made aware by its residents, Councillors, police officers and other stakeholders of moving traffic contraventions at many locations across the borough. Following an extensive assessment of the issues via traffic surveys, officers have identified and prioritised 25 locations with the highest number of moving traffic contraventions in the borough.

The results of the surveys showed on average 114 MTCs are happening per day at these selected locations and the scheme aims to change the behaviours of drivers across Newham’s roads by enforcing contraventions through the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera enforcement.

What the Moving Traffic Contraventions programme wants to achieve?

MTCs programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To increase compliance with traffic regulations through increased moving traffic contraventions enforcement in Newham
  • To improve road safety, to reduce the number of collisions and improve road users’ perception of road dangers
  • To improve air quality at locations where MTC issues cause congestion (such as yellow box contraventions)
  • To change the behaviour and culture of drivers disobeying restrictions.