Road closures and diversions

Apply for a road closure

How to ask for a road to be closed in Newham

You can ask for a road to be closed for:

  • Works that are being or will take place near a road
  • Work that may be dangerous to the public
  • Filming and special events such as street parties and parades.

These are known as Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO) and Special Events Orders (SEO).

Please note:

  • For road closures of up to 5 days and film notices for a 24hour period there is a 15 working day lead-time from application.
  • For road closures of over five days, Film orders (up to 7 days) and special events there is a Ten-week lead-time due to the requirements to advertise the TTRO in the local newspaper.
  • Any Compounds, Flying Compounds, Cranes, Pit Lanes, Mobile Apparatus on the public highway and cranes that oversail the public highway all require a licence these can be obtained by filling in the relevant form below and sending them to the email below. These also require a 15 working day lead time to process the application.


If you would like a road to be closed for work taking place near a road or for filming or a special event, or need one of the licenses mentioned please download and fill in the relevant application form and email the form to 

Once we have processed the application we will send out a Pro-forma invoice for the fee (including any advertising costs – prices of which are set by the advertisers) and payment can be made either by Credit card to the telephone numbers on the pro-forma invoice or by BACs payment (details can be found on the pro-forma invoice)

Until such time as the proof of payment has been received by us and the appropriate order or licence has been issued, unless by prior agreement, no Highway Authority permissions will have been granted. 

*Please note that, since the Covid19 pandemic we are more inclined towards remote working, so are not currently office based, any postal applications will be delayed in reaching us and will not get actioned quickly.  

Cost for Traffic Orders and Licences:

All of our current 2023/2024 prices for Traffic Orders and Licences can be found in the relevant application forms below.  

Application Forms

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order Part.1 Application form (Word)

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order Part 2 Application form (Word)

Compounds, Containers, flying compounds Pit lanes Application form (PDF)

Mobile Apparatus Application form (PDF)

Tower Crane and Oversail Application form (PDF)

Oversail Application form (PDF)

Film Notice Order Application Form (Word)

Special Event Application Form (Word)