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Recent planning consultations (archived)

Find out about recent planning consultations that have now closed.​​​​​

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) consultation

In line with the Council’s priority to put people at the heart of everything we do, we are updating Newham’s Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) to ensure that local people and those that work in and with the Borough are able to engage with planning in Newham.

The new draft SCI sets out how to get involved in the preparation of local planning policy documents and how to comment on planning applications. It explains how the council will publicise matters related to planning, and helps residents understand the best routes to participating in the planning process. 

We are now asking for your views on the draft SCI, and what you think of our approach to consultation and community involvement. This is your chance to make sure the SCI meets the needs of local people. 

Once adopted the 2019 SCI will replace the previous SCI which was adopted in 2015. Key changes from the 2015 version include:
  • ​A clear overview of the planning system, to help make the planning process more accessible.
  • Reference to new systems of community involvement, such as Citizen Assemblies.
  • Promotion of new online mapping tools that have been developed to make it easier to engage with planning issues.
  • Proposals for increased use of social media.
  • Information on community-led planning (Neighbourhood Plans).​
  • ​​An explanation of the newly-established process for helping to determine the way (some) Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money is spent. 
  • General updates that reflect the recently-adopted Newham Local Plan 2018.
  • ​​Clearer explanations of general terminology and contact details.

How to comment

This consultation is open from Friday 21 June to Sunday 4 August 2019. 

To comment, please:
The Consultation Draft SCI is also accompainied by a draft Equalities Impact Assessment (EqIA):

You can then comment by:
Or by completing this consultation response form (Word)​ and emailing it to​ with the subject line ‘SCI consultation’.

Note that free internet access is available at all Newham Libraries.

Alternatively, paper copies of consultation documents will be available at all Newham libraries from 28 June.

If you would prefer to respond to the consultation by hand you can ask a member of library staff for a printed response form and either hand back to them once completed or post it to Planning Policy (W1), Newham Dockside, E16 2QU. Note that the SCI copy itself cannot be removed from the library. If you use additional blank sheets for any answers please label these with the corresponding question number.

What happens next?

Following consultation we will publish a summary of responses and finalise the SCI in light of feedback received.

Please note the closing date of Sunday 4 August, and thank you for your participation.


Planning Application Requirements - 2019 update 

In line with changes to the Development Plan we are revising our main Planning Application Requirements (PAR) document​, otherwise known as the ‘Local List’. 

The PAR provides information on what should be submitted with a planning application. It does not relate to other forms of consent including Prior Approvals, Prior Notifications, Certificates of Lawful Development, or Listed Building / Conservation Area Consent.

Main changes include:
  • ​new requirements: Masterplanning Statement, Infrastructure Sufficiency Statement
  • signposting to NPPF 2018 chapters or paragraphs
  • signposting to Local Plan (2018) policies
  • updates to trigger points
  • updated guidance & standards. 
The consultation ran from Wednesday 6 February to midnight Thursday 21 March 2019.


​Newham Local Plan main and minor modifications consultation

Following submission to The Planning Inspectorate for Independent Examination (on 28 February 2018), Newham’s Local Plan was subject to Examination hearings held at Dockside between 19 and 28 June. Those who had previously made representations on the plan were invited to attend, full details of the examination so far (including submission documents, evidence, a timetable of hearings and new information submitted during hearings) are available via the examination page.
As is customary, during the course of Examination the Council has proposed both ‘main’ and ‘minor’ modifications to the plan which are now the subject of further consultation. Main modifications relate to the soundness of the plan and have been identified as such by the Inspector, minor modifications are other changes the Council has proposed to make the plan easier to follow but which do not relate to its soundness.
The plan has been the subject of extensive previous consultation (see SD07 - Statement of Consultation, Feb 2018) and at this late stage in the review process it is important to note that the current consultation relates only to the modifications identified in the schedule published below and their legal compliance and ‘soundness’ (i.e. whether they are positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy – see NPPF paragraph 182​ for further explanation).

Many of these amendments are in response to representations made during the ‘Reg 19’ consultation last year and have already been discussed at Examination hearings (i.e. in public) as well as having been made available on the Council’s website as part of the Examination process. Other elements of the plan are no longer the subject of discussion and any comments not related to identified modifications will not be taken into account.
Upon conclusion of the consultation, the Council will summarise responses and any consequential further minor changes to the Plan it considers necessary, and pass this summary and the representations in full on to the Inspector for consideration as part of their report, via which the Inspector will confirm which modifications must be made for the plan to be found ‘sound’.  The Inspector’s report is expected later this year.
The consultation runs from Monday 23 July to Sunday 16 September (longer than the required 6 weeks given crossover with the summer holiday period including a bank holiday).

Consultation Documents:

  • Schedule of Main and Minor Modifications​ (PDF) – this is the primary consultation document and all comments should be directed towards it, clearly labelling the modification in question.
  • Interim Local Plan Draft (PDF) – this document consolidates all the modifications into a single document. Tracking is still present to identify how the plan has been reviewed and at what stage modifications were proposed.
  • Integrated Impact Assessment (PDF) (IIA) including Habitat Regulations Assessment (PDF) (HRA) – As the HRA (Appendix 6 of the IIA) was the subject of ongoing work between the Council and Natural England in light of recent case law, it is published again for comment here, accompanying some of the modifications arising. The Council has reviewed the IIA in light of other proposed amendments and considers no other changes are necessary. 
All comments should be made in writing by a named interest (whether an individual, organisation or company) and sent by email to​​ by midnight on 16 September 2018, with the subject line Local Plan Modifications Consultation.

Comments should clearly identify the modification number they relate to or, where relevant, whether they concern the HRA. If you are responding as an individual, please make clear your interest in the borough, e.g. resident, local business owner. Pertinent details, including name and/or category of interest (i.e. ‘resident’ where a local resident rather than a name) will be published and passed to the Inspector but all sensitive data will be redacted. Note that we will store personal data to enable contact with representors where needed for the process of plan-making, monitoring and implementation for 5 years after plan adoption, and separately advise you of how you may formally opt-in to our main consultee database.

Woodgrange Road Conservation Area Article 4 Direction

The consultation ran from Friday 9 February until Friday 2 March 2018


Romford Road Conservation Area Article 4 Direction

The consultation ran from Friday 9 February until Friday 2 March 2018​


Durham Road Conservation Area - Supplementary Planning Document

The consultation ran from Friday 9 February until Friday 23 March 2018


Durham Road Conservation Area

The Council is committed to protecting the heritage value of its Conservation Areas. The Article 4 Direction that is the subject of this consultation, relates to the Durham Road Conservation Area and is being consulted on in order to maintain planning control of works to dwelling houses within this Conservation Area. 
The consultation period runs from 22 December 2017 to midnight on 31 January 2018.

Representations should be made via email to​ and labelled ‘Durham Road Article 4’. 

Representations received after the deadline will not be considered.


Local Plan Review: Proposed Submission Consultation

Newham’s Local Plan helps to shape the future of the borough and sets out our plans to make the best use of available space and opportunities, ensuring that the benefits of development are widespread and respond to local needs. 

Whilst the existing plan is working well and many parts will remain the same, to ensure that policies and site allocations/designations continue to be robust and up-to-date, the Council has been carrying out a process of Local Plan review.

Previously the subject of two formal consultations and ongoing informal engagement, the Proposed Submission Draft Local Plan is now prepared and is the subject of this 7 week consultation.

Consultation Documents

The primary document is the Proposed Submission Draft Local Plan:

This is supported by:
Further evidence documents are also available via our Evidence Base page.

This consultation closed on Tuesday 16 January 2018.

Important information

Following consultation, the documents will be prepared for submission to The Planning Inspectorate for examination (and subsequent adoption of the plan). Please note that any comments submitted to the consultation will be shared with the Planning Inspector and Programme Officer, including contact details if you have requested to appear at the examination hearings.


Altering and Extending Your Home Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The Altering and Extending Your Home SPD provides guidance to developers, planning agents and the public about how applications for alterations and extensions to individual homes will be assessed by the Council. 

This draft document does not establish any new policy but offers additional guidance on how we will implement design and neighbourliness policies in relation to common types of householder applications.

The Council is inviting residents to be part of the consultation on this document, and feedback received will be used to finalise the Altering and Extending Your Home SPD. 

Altering and Extending your Home Supplementary Planning Document (draft)

The consultation ran from 1 November until Wednesday 13 December 2017 (midnight).


Local Plan Review: Issues and Options

Newham’s Local Plan helps to shape the future of the borough and sets out our plans to make the best use of available space and opportunities, ensuring that the benefits of development are shared equally and respond to local needs. Whilst the current plan is working well and many parts will remain the same, to ensure that policies continue to be robust and up to date, we are carrying out a Local Plan review (LPR).

As part of this, we consulted on an ‘Issues and Options’ document (reg 18. stage). The document responds to a number of current issues and addresses new opportunities via a set of potential policy options (Part 1) and new site allocations (Part 2). The document is accompanied by an Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) and supported by a number of Evidence Base documents.

Comments on the two-part Issues and Options document and IIA were invited for a period of six weeks from Friday 24 February, with a deadline of Friday 7 April (midnight).

The consultation was an opportunity to comment on the issues and sites we identified, and tell us whether the options proposed are appropriate and capture all opportunities to enhance the borough. Consultation questions can be found within the documents. 

All representations should be made in writing by email to, should be clearly labelled ‘Local Plan Review’ and must make clear who the response is on behalf of (e.g. local resident, business, landowner etc.)

Paper copies of the documents were available to view at:

  • East Ham Customer Service Centre, 328 Barking Road, E6 2RT – check for opening times
  • by appointment only at Newham Dockside, 1000 Dockside Road, E16 2QU – call 0203 373 8300 between 9am and 12pm, Monday to Friday to arrange. 
Documents can also be accessed electronically at all Newham libraries.


Main Modifications to the Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation DPD

Following Examination Hearings held on 18 - 19 January 2017, we consulted on the Main Modifications to the Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation DPD.

Main modifications were identified by the Inspector during the course of examination as necessary to make the plan sound. Comments relating only to these amendments were invited and will be taken into account before finalisation of the Inspector's Report.

The main consultation document was the schedule below. For reference, the copy of the Submission draft Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation DPD​ (September 2016) can be found on the Examination page.

Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications
The consultation closed at midnight on Thursday 23 March 2017.


Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation DPD - Proposed Submission

This six week consultation offered interested parties an opportunity to comment on the Proposed Submission version of our Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Development Plan Document (GTADPD).
We consulted on two documents:
Also available to view are a Notice of Publication and a Statement of Consultation. The evidence base that informs the GTADPD is available via our Local Plan page.
The consultation closed on Friday 12 August.

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation DPD

We consulted on the ‘Issues & Options’ of the Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Development Plan Document (GTADPD). This document will be added to the Local Plan.

The purpose of the additional policy on this topic is explained in the document itself. The document is accompanied by:
The consultation closed on Monday 6 June.

Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) Scoping Report - Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation

To meet statutory requirements we use an Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) to appraise and assess all plans and programmes that we prepare or adopt.

We consulted on a Scoping Report for the IIA of a proposed Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation DPD (PDF) to give people with an interest in sustainability issues an opportunity to comment on our intended process.

The consultation closed on Monday 11 April.


Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) Scoping Report – Local Plan Review

Local Planning Authorities are required to assess the likely impacts of any plan they prepare in relation to issues around environmental sustainability, health, and equalities. To meet these statutory requirements we prepare an Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) alongside any draft plan document.

As we begin the process of Local Plan review (see the published LDS for more information) the first stage of consultation is checking via the IIA Scoping Report that the process by which we intend carry out the impact assessment is adequate and sound.

Comments were actively sought from the prescribed consultation bodies, though anyone with an interest could comment if they wished. This consultation ran from 31 October till 5 December 2016.

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