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Three star letting agents

​This page provides a list of lettings agents that have been rated three star.
​3* ​Number ​Address ​Post Code
444 Rentals Ltd​ ​129 ​Church Road
Manor Park
​E12 6AF
​Agha Properties t/a The Best Properties ​482 ​Katherine Road
East Ham
​E7 8DP
​AJ Investment Management Ltd ​324 ​Barking Road
​E13 8HL
​Albany Lettings ​14 ​High Street
​E13 0AF
Alico Property Management​ ​151 ​Plashet Road
​E13 0RA
ASA Estates​ ​237A ​High Street North East Ham
​E6 1JG
​Aston Fox ​196 ​High Street North
East Ham
​E6 2JA
Beautiful Living  Estates Ltd​ ​438A ​Katherine Road ​E7 8NP
Bismilla Property​ ​760-762 ​Barking Road
​E13 9PJ
​Bryants ​1 ​Mary Rose Mall
​E6 5LX
C&S Property​ ​520 ​Romford Road ​E7 8AF
Capricorn Property Ltd​ ​Flat 39 ​The Lock Building
72 High Street
​E15 2QB
​Central Property Services ​281 ​High Street North
Manor Park
​E12 6SL
​Charles Living ​14-16 ​Romford Road
​E15 4BZ
City Link Property Services Ltd​ ​225 ​Barking Road
East Ham
​E6 1LB
City Room​ ​39 ​Broadway ​E15 4BQ
​CMS Homes ​503 ​Katherine Road ​E7 8DR
​Creed ​43 ​Vicarage Lane ​E15 4HG
Des and Co Property Services​ ​348 ​High Street North
Manor Park
​E12 6PH
​Dimension Estates London Limited ​156 ​Fourth Avenue
Manor Park
​E12 6DR
Eastender Property Service Ltd​ ​423 ​High Street NorthManor Park
​E12 6TL
EasyMove Estates ​ ​161 ​High Street North ​E6 1BJ
​Eurobangla Property Service ​438 ​High Street NorthManor Park
​E12 6RH
​Excel Locations ​619 ​Romford RoadManor Park
​E12 5AD
​First Contact Property Service ​826 ​Romford Road
Manor Park
​E12 5JG
​For you Estates Ltd ​275-285 ​High Street
Queensway House
​E15 2TF
​G & Co Ltd ​30 ​Plashet Grove
East Ham
​E6 1AE
​Hamar Property Services ​299 ​Romford Road
Forest Gate
​E7 9HA
​Home Connect Ltd ​426 ​High Street North
Manor Park
​E12 6RH
​JA Management ​24 ​London Road ​E13 0DN
​Katherine Estates ​160 ​Katherine Road
East Ham
​E6 1ER
Key 2 Key Ltd​ ​120 ​Upton LaneForest Gate
​E7 9PB
Key Move Estates Ltd​ ​373 ​High Street North
Manor Park
​E12 6PG
​Khalik Properties 55​ ​Vicarage Lane
​E15 4HG
​Kilmers ​Unit 4b ​Excel Marina
Canning Town
​E16 1AT
​Knightbridge Estates (Forest Gate) ​179 ​Woodgrange Road ​E7 2TF
​Knightsbridge Estates (Green Street) ​20 ​Plashet Grove
East Ham
​E6 1AE
​Let Britain ​62B ​Chobham Road
​E15 1LU
​Let, Sell, Property ​34 ​Green Street
Forest Gate
​E7 8BZ
​Letting International ​Security House ​2 Romford Road
​E15 4BX
​London Residntial ​231 ​Barking Road ​E6 1LB
​Mak Property Services ​95 ​Woodgrange Road
Forest Gate
​E7 0EP
​Marvel Estates Limited
​367 ​Katherine Road
​E7 8LJ
​Michael Stevens Estate Agents ​766 ​Barking Road
​E13 9PJ
​Morgan Knights 1​ ​Bendish Road ​E6 1BB
​Move Today ​582A ​Barking Road
​E13 9JU
​Movers ​46 ​Romford Road
E15 4BZ​
​Nest Property ​414 ​Katherine Road ​E7 8NP
​No. 1 Property Selection ​2 ​Katherine Road ​E6 1PB
​One Estates ​177 ​High Street South ​E6 3PA
​Orange Square UK ​221 ​High Street North
East Ham
​E6 1JG
​Partap Property Co ​202B ​Green Street ​E7 8LE
Phase Property Services​ ​89 ​Upton Lane
​E7 9PB
Premier Properties​ ​73 ​Portway Road
​E15 3QJ
​Ragu Estates and Travel Agent ​258 ​High Street North
East Ham
​E12 6SB
​Re/Max 471​ ​Romford Road ​E7 8AB
Re/Max Star​ ​75A ​Barking Road ​E16 4HB
​Right Estates Ltd ​2 ​Burges Road
East Ham
​E6 2BH
​Rowflex Property Services ​333 ​Barking Road
East Ham
​E6 1LA
​Saji Property Services ​196 ​Shrewsbury Road ​E7 6QJ
Sara Property ​ ​1A ​Thorpe Road
East Ham
​E6 2HY
​Secure Estate Lettings Ltd ​136 ​Greengate Street
​E13 0AS
​Select Estate & Lettings ​288 ​High Street North
Manor Park
​E12 6SA
Spencers​ ​70 ​Woodgrange Road
Forest Gate
​E7 0EN
​St. Martins Properties ​2A ​Keppel Road
East Ham
​E6 2BD
Star Lettings​ ​451 ​High Street North
East Ham
​E12 6TJ
​Star Lettings Ltd ​2B ​Holme Road ​E6 1LY
​Steptons Estate Agents Ltd ​614 ​Romford Road ​E12 5AF
​Stirling & Co Ltd ​29 ​Upton Lane
Forest Gate
​E7 9PA
T J Ball Property Services​ ​49 ​Leytonstone Road
​E15 1JA
​T S Property Services ​449 ​Katherine Road ​E7 8LS
​Tilko Estates ​213 ​High Street North
East Ham
​E6 1JG
Tumbeletee Management Agents​ ​107 ​Katherine Road ​E6 1ES
Unique Business Services​ ​730 ​Romford Road ​E12 6BT
Westfield Estates​ ​3 ​The Grove
Crescent Road
​E15 1BJ
​Whites 521​ ​Katherine Road ​E7 8DR
Wilkinson​ ​78 ​Woodgrange Road ​E7 0EN
Yogei Empire Estates​ ​297 ​High Street North ​E12 6TH
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