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Your social worker

When you come into care, you will have your own social worker who is responsible for making sure you are happy in your new home and are being properly cared for.

If you are in foster care, your foster carers will also have their own social worker.

You can talk to your social worker about anything that you might be worried about.

​What your social worker should do

Your social worker should:
  • work with you, your carers and (if it is appropriate) your parents to make plans for your future
  • help you to have your say in planning your care and your looked-after child review meetings, making sure that we know your feelings and wishes and that we think about them
  • get to know you, spend time with you, listen to you and make sure you are being well treated
  • help you to keep in touch with your carers, relatives and friends or explain to you why this may not be possible
  • help you to have your say at meetings where decisions are being made about your care
  • explain your rights, the plans for your future and how you can have your say on these plans
  • help you to get the most out of your education
  • make sure you get any health care or advice you need and that you have a health assessment every year. We want you to be physically and emotionally healthy
  • make sure your carers encourage you to go to all your medical appointments such as the dentist and optician, and that you have information and advice on sexual health, drugs and alcohol when you are older
  • tell you how to make a complaint.

Meeting and phoning your social worker

When you first come into care, your social worker will visit you regularly as you probably have lots of questions and things to sort out.
Once you are settled, he or she will visit you at least once every six weeks
He or she will write to you, email, phone or text you every three weeks if you agree.

Phoning your social worker

You can phone your social worker if you need to at any time or you can ask them to visit you in between their regular visits.
Your social worker has a work mobile so that you can phone or text them when they are away from their desk.
If you phone your social worker they must get back to you the same working day (that is Monday to Friday). If your social worker is not available, his or her manager or a duty social worker will phone you.


You can reverse the charges if your phone call is urgent or if you have an emergency. If your social worker can’t speak to you, someone in his or her team will phone you back straightaway.

If you do not know or can’t find the number

If you want to contact your social worker or someone else in the Children Looked After Team, you can phone our switchboard on 020 8430 2000 or you can email them. Their email address will be

Why your social worker changes

When you first come into care your social worker will be from the Assessment Team or the Intervention Team. These are the social workers who work with children who have been taken into care or children who are still living with their families but are having problems at home.
If you stay in care, you will be transferred to a social worker from the Children Looked After Team (CLA).
You will get a different social worker if your social worker leaves his or her job.

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