Children in Care and Care Leavers

If a court has to decide where you will live

Sometimes, a court will have to decide where you will live. If you have to go to court, you will have people to speak for you.

Children’s guardian

If decisions about your future involve a court, you will be given an independent person, called a ‘children’s guardian’ (the court sometimes calls this person a ‘guardian ad litem’). It is his or her job to find out what you think and make sure the court knows about your feelings and wishes.

Children’s guardians also have to find out other information about you and your family, and then write a report for the court about what they think is in your best interests.

Sometimes, your guardian’s suggestions may be different to your social worker’s plans, but the court will listen to all the suggestions before making a final decision about your future.


You will also have a solicitor to represent you. He or she will be experienced in care proceedings.