Starting primary school

Your child must start education once he or she is five. On this page you can find out how to apply for a place in reception class in primary school.
For information on how to apply for other classes in primary school, go to our In year admissions page.​​​​

Starting in reception class – September 2019

If your child was born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015, you will need to apply for a reception class place in primary school for September 2019.
If your child lives in Newham you will need to apply through us. But if your child lives outside Newham, but you want him or her to go to school in Newham, you will need to apply through the local authority in the borough you live in.
Remember, you must always apply for a place, even if your child:
  • already goes to the nursery at the school you prefer
  • has an older brother or sister at the school you prefer
  • lives in the catchment area for the school you prefer.

What to do before you apply

Before you apply:

Apply for a place in reception class

Apply online

You can apply for a reception class place for September 2019 through the eAdmissions website.
You will need to register and create a password before you start your application.

The national closing date for applications is 15 January 2019. If we receive your application after the closing date we will treat it as late.

You can send documents to support your application. But do not send supplementary information forms (SIFs) with your application. You must send SIFs directly to the schools you choose.
If you need a paper application form, email

Email confirmation

After you send your application you will receive a reference number, which will look a bit like this: 316-2019-09-E-001234. If you do not get a reference number, it means you have not sent the eform. You can easily log in to the website, check your application and send it again.

If you change your mind

You can change your school choices at any time right up until one minute to midnight on 15 January. Simply log into the eAdmissions website.

Late applications

If we receive your application after the closing date (15 January 2018) we will not consider it until all the families who applied on time have been given their places.
So, if you apply late your chances of getting a place at the school you want are much less than they are if you apply on time. 

Supplementary information form (SIF)

Some schools ask for a SIF to go with an application. You can get these forms directly from the school.
Remember to send the SIF and make sure it gets to the school by the deadline. The school sets the deadline (although we publish it here too). If you don’t send the SIF, the school will not be able to prioritise your child. So he or she will go into lowest priority group.
Schools asking for SIFs are usually faith schools. In Newham, the faith schools are:
  • St. Anthony’s (Roman Catholic)
  • St. Edward’s (Roman Catholic)
  • St. Francis’ (Roman Catholic)
  • St. Helen’s (Roman Catholic)
  • St. Joachim’s (Roman Catholic)
  • St. Luke’s (Church of England)
  • St. Michael’s (Roman Catholic)
  • St. Winefride’s (Roman Catholic)
Note that a SIF is not an application form. It is an extra form to go with your online application (or paper form if you make a late application).

What happens after you send your application

Each school has an admissions committee. We send information from your application form to the committee for each of the schools you apply to. The committee will look at how your application and SIF match their admission rules. It will list the applications in order of priority and send this information back to us. 
At this stage the committee will not know where in order of preference you placed the school when you applied.
We will decide what offer we can make your child. If more than one school can offer your child a place, the offer you will get will be for the school you put highest on the list in your application. 

We send out offers to our residents, for applications received by the deadline, on national primary offer day, which is 16 April 2019.
An outcome letter will be posted on 16 April 2019. If you applied online you can log in to your Eadmissions account in the evening of 16 April 2019 to find out the outcome.

Admission criteria for primary schools

All 33 London boroughs work together to increase the number of pupils who receive an offer from one of their preferred schools. The Pan-London Co-ordinated Admission System document 2019/20 (PDF)​ outlines the rules and guidelines to which these offers are made.

Determined Admission Arrangements for entry from September 2019

Oversubscription criteria – how we offer school places

New admission arrangements for all Newham maintained community and voluntary controlled schools (except faith schools) are adopted by all academies except faith schools, Chobham Academy, East London Science School, Stratford School Academy. 

Following the formal consultation between 5 December 2017 and 31 January 2018 and subsequent Council agreement our admission arrangements for entry into school from September 2019 have been formally determined. 

The main changes for 2019 are: 
  • A single document for infant, junior, primary and secondary schools.
  • Removal of catchment areas and the associated catchment area priority for infant, junior and primary schools. Introduced to remove a barrier to admission at the most geographically local schools, due to the local set historic boundaries of a catchment areas. 
  • Inclusion of ‘School staff children’ as an oversubscription priority group. This is to assist local schools in recruiting and retaining staff by prioritising admission of staff children to their schools and will help ensure we have no barriers to recruitment especially where there is a demonstrable skills shortage, such as maths and science. 
  • Inclusion of ‘Service children’ as an oversubscription priority group. To complement the council’s Cabinet approved housing allocations policy we are prioritising Service children whose parent/carers have or are serving the country. 

Fair access

All Local Authorities and Councils must operate a 'Fair Access Protocol' in their area to make sure children considered hard to place and/or vulnerable are secured a school place, and that no school is asked to admit a disproportionate number of children considered as hard to place.​


School admission appeals

You can appeal if any school you applied to refuses your application. Go to our School admission appeals page.

Documents needed for entry to school

Before your child can start school, there are documents you must take to the head teacher.
You can find a list of the documents on our Documents needed for entry to school page. 
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