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We will instruct an enforcement agent from One Source Enforcement Services to visit your home if you owe us money. This can include outstanding Council Tax payments, parking penalty fines, business rates or commercial rent.

Visit from a bailiff (enforcement agent)

Before we instruct the bailiff we will write to you to ask that you make any outstanding payments within seven days.
If we do not receive the money, we will send a bailiff to your home to collect the money or remove goods or possessions from your home to the value of the debt you owe. They may also clamp or remove your vehicle.

Incorrect name on the notice

If a bailiff has visited you at your address, but you are not the person named on the notice, you should call us on 020 3373 3588. We may ask you to tell us when you moved into the property.

Paying a bailiff

You can pay your debt quickly and easily online 24 hours a day using a credit or debit card. You will be asked to enter your seven digit reference number.
You can also phone 020 8430 2000.

Difficulty paying your debt

If you are finding it hard to pay your debt, you should call us on 020 3373 3588 as soon as possible.

Enforcement fees 

Compliance fee - £75

The compliance fee covers the cost of instructing an enforcement agent. You will be charged the compliance fee before the enforcement agent visits your home.

Enforcement fee - £235

You will be charged an enforcement fee when the enforcement agent first visits your home.

Sale fee - £110

You can also be charged a sale fee for coming into your home to take your belongings.

Percentage fees

If your debt is worth more than £1500, you will have to pay additional enforcement and sale fees. The fees are charged at 7.5% of the value of your debt. 

Help and advice

You can get free, confidential and neutral debt advice from Citizens Advice and National Debtline.
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