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Paying your rent

Paying your rent regularly and in advance is an important part of the agreement you sign when you become a council tenant.
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Paying your rent

You must pay your rent every week for the week ahead. You can pay your rent monthly for the month ahead by direct debit or standing order. There are a number of ways you can pay your rent:
  • direct debit and standing order

    Set up a direct debit to pay your rent from your bank account automatically every month or week or print off and complete a standing order form and take it to your bank
  • online

  • internet banking

    you will need to quote your full 10-digit rent account number. Our bank details are:
    Name of account: London Borough of Newham Income Account
    Name of bank: Lloyds TSB
    Sort Code: 30-00-02
    Account Number: 00879113
  • by phone

    using a debit or credit card. Telephone 020 8430 2000 (extension 70020). You will need to have your rent account number to hand.
  • direct from your pay

    if you work for us or have retired from a job with us, you can pay your rent directly from your salary or pension. If you would like more information please telephone 020 8430 2000.

Check your rent balance and statements online

Your rent statement sets out:
  • what rent you have been charged
  • the payments you have made 
  • any Housing Benefit you have received.
You can keep up to date with your rent account by checking your balance and statements online. To use this service you will need your reference number and PIN. You will find your PIN on any rent statement that we have sent to you.

Calculating your rent

Since April 2003 we have used the Government’s national formula for calculating rent. The national formula uses the same formula to work out a ‘target rent’ for each property to:
  • prevent councils from setting rents at levels they choose
  • make sure rents are affordable
  • guarantee consistency between council rents and housing association rents
  • link rents more closely to property qualities such as location and bedroom size.

Standard rent

If your tenancy started before 31 December 2011, you will be charged a standard rent. This is the rent most tenants currently pay.


Affordable Rent

If your tenancy started from 1 September 2012 you will be charged an affordable rent, if your property was advertised at this rent.
Your rent is calculated to be equivalent to:
  • either 50% of the rent charged by private landlords for three and four-bedroom properties in the borough
  • or 80% of the rent charged by private landlords for one and two-bedroom properties in the borough.
This increased rent will pay for the acquisition of additional council properties.

Calculating your service and other charges

Charges for the services we provide, such as caretakers, concierges are included in your rent. We also collect some charges, such as water rates, for service providers and pay them on behalf of tenants.

Caretaker service charges

To calculate your charge for caretaker services, we take the total cost of the service for each area and divide it into estate or block costs, then divide that cost by the number of properties within that estate or block.
We also take into account the number of bedrooms within each property. Larger properties pay more.

Concierge service charges

To calculate your charge for concierge services, we take the total cost of concierge services for the whole borough and divide it by the number of properties receiving the service.
We also take into account the level of service you receive, such as part-time, full-time or a remote service, and the number of bedrooms in your property.

Horticulture and television aerial charges

If you live in a flat or maisonette, you will be charged for horticulture (maintenance of communal gardens and grass areas) and maintenance of your television aerial at a flat rate to cover the cost of providing the service.

Support charges

If you receive some care as part of your housing, such as a warden in a sheltered housing scheme or a community alarm, you will be charged for these as part of your rent. The charges are calculated to recover the cost of providing the care.

Heating and hot water charges

If you are charged for heating and hot water within your rent, the charge is based on the cost charged by the provider. These charges are not covered by Housing Benefit.

Water and sewerage charges

Most tenants pay water and sewerage rates as part of their rent. We collect the charge on behalf of Thames Water and pay the water rates on behalf of those tenants.
If your rent does not include a charge for water rates, you will need to let Thames Water know when you move in and make arrangements to pay the water rates directly to them.
Water and sewerage charges are not covered by housing benefit.

Insurance charges

You are charged the rate set by the insurance company.

Difficulties in paying your rent

If you cannot afford to pay your rent or fall behind with the payments, you should contact your income collection officer as soon as possible by:
  • phoning 020 8430 2000 and asking for the Housing Income and Collection Team; or
  • emailing your income collection officer  using the email address on letters he or she has sent to you
  • emailing
Do not delay: the problem may get worse if you ignore it.

Rent sub-accounts

If you:
  • still owe rent arrears from a previous tenancy
  • were paid too much housing benefit before 2007 or
  • owe us court costs as a result of legal action
we will add these debts to a sub-account and attach it to your main rent account.
You will see your rent sub-account on your quarterly rent statement or letters we send you.
If you have any questions about your sub-account, phone 020 8430 2000 and ask for your income collection officer.
Overpaid Housing Benefit paid to you since April 2007 is collected by our Benefit Service and will not appear on a sub-account.
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