Reporting fraud and how we deal with it

Council employee and contractor corruption and fraud

We are committed to building trust with our residents and we take fraud and corruption within the council very seriously.  

Corruption and fraud can occur in many areas of our business including: 

  • An officer or councillor using their position to secure a job or a council house for a friend or family member 
  • Contractor providing cash, goods, or services in kind to a councillor or officer in return for the award of a contract 
  • Making a false overtime claim 
  • Misuse of a purchase card. 

Corruption stops us getting value for money and erodes public confidence in the council. 

Report councillor or council employee fraud

Preventing corruption 

We have codes of conduct for councillors and staff, and controls to prevent corruption. But these measures are not foolproof and we want you to blow the whistle on any corrupt acts relating to the council. 

Prosecuting corruption 

Where we have enough evidence and it’s in the public interest we will look to prosecute those found to have committed fraud against the Council. We will also where appropriate look to recover money and assets under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. ​​​​