Registration corrections

Registration corrections

Corrections to certificates can be made in some circumstances by our register office. ​You may need to book an appointment to correct a certificate.  

Correction application form 

When applying to correct a registration certificate you will need to complete a correction application form, which you can download from the website. 

Once completed, you will need to take the form to the Register Office at: 

Newham Town Hall  
Barking Road 
East Ham 
E6 2RP 

Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 12.00pm

Correction fees 

Fees are charged for a correction application, ranging from £75.00 to £90.00 depending on how the correction application needs to be processed. 

This fee is a consideration fee and must be paid regardless of whether the correction goes ahead or not and is non-refundable.   

If the application requires referral to and authorisation by the General Register Office, the higher fee will be payable.  

This fee does not include the cost for a certificate after the correction is completed. This will be paid separately after the correction is completed if one is required. 

What happens next? 

Once the correction has been authorised, we will contact you with a reference number which will enable you to make an appointment online if you choose to attend to witness the correction. 

If you require any further advice you can call the General Register Office on 0300 123 1837. 

When you can apply for a correction 

You can apply for a birth registration correction when the information is wrong, for example a mistake made when recording a parent’s occupation. 
You can’t apply for a correction to show new information if circumstances change after you’ve registered your child’s birth. For example, you change your name after getting married again. However, you can book an appointment with us to re-register the birth​. 

You can obtain further information about correcting a birth registration on the website.