Licences for animal related businesses

Licence to move animals

To control disease in animals, there are rules about moving cattle, sheep, deer, pigs and goats.

You may move cattle, sheep, and goats if you have a general licence from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). 

For licences to move animals, and for more information about animal movement go to the DEFRA website, where you will also find details of the electronic system for pigs (e-AML2). 

DEFRA also has a helpline for advice: 03459 335 577.

If you are interested in obtaining a licence for the following animal activities, please email us at for further information and an application .

  • Selling Animals as pets
  • Home boarding for Dogs
  • Dog day care 
  • Boarding kennels for Dogs
  • Cat Boarding 
  • Hiring of horses (including pony parties where the horse is ridden)
  • Keeping or training animals for exhibition
  • Breeding of Dogs
  • Dangerous Wild Animals.