Licences for animal related businesses

Pet shop licences or selling animals from a domestic premises

If you sell animals as pets you need a licence, whether you sell from a shop, another premises or even your home. This is to ensure the welfare of the animals and the safety of the public. Newham Council is the licensing authority for selling animals in Newham.

  • You must not sell animals as pets in public places such as on a market stall.
  • It is an offence to sell kittens or puppies under 6 months old unless bred by the seller.

If you are interested in obtaining a pet shop licence or wish to find out if you require a licence to sell animals from a domestic or commercial premises, please email us at or telephone 020 8586 9739 for further information and an application.

Inspection of your pet shop or premises that animals are sold from

The London Borough of Newham will inspect your premises before agreeing to issue you with a licence. This is to ensure you can comply with all the general and specific conditions as required by Schedule 2 and Schedule 3 of The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018. The London Borough of Newham may also inspect at any time after your licence is issued in line with the regulations.

The length and cost of the licence depends on the star rating you receive after inspection.

If you are unsure if you require a licence please contact the animal welfare service before selling any animals to prevent potential legal action being taken or a warning being issued as this may affect you being able to apply for a licence in the future.

Renew a licence to sell animals

If you already have a licence, The London Borough of Newham will write to you to advise you when you need to renew it.

It is your legal responsibility to make sure that you have a current licence.