Education, relationships, health and money as a looked after child

Money while you are looked after

Find out what money you can have to spend while you are looked after and the money that we save for you for when you leave care.​​  

Pocket money

You have the right to pocket money, whether you are being looked after by a relative, foster carer or living in a residential home. If you are living with a foster carer or a relative, they will give you pocket money from their fostering allowance.

How you get your pocket money is agreed when you come into care and will usually be paid to you every week, at a set amount according to your age.

School dinner money

On school days, your foster carer, or social worker if you are living in a children’s home, should give you money for your lunch or give you a packed lunch to take to school.

Saving money for when you leave care

There are two types of saving schemes been set up for children and young people who are being looked after.

Both of these schemes are to help you with the expenses of becoming independent, such as setting up your own home.

Money your carer will save for you

Your carer will open a savings account for you in a building society, bank or Post Office and save an agreed amount of money every week from their fostering allowance.

Taking the money out of the account

They will transfer the account to you when you are 18 years old. You can sometimes get money from this savings account before you reach 18, but only if your social worker agrees to it.

Money we will save for you

If you have been in care for a year or more, we will save money for you every year until you are 18 years old.  We will put money into an account for you.

Taking the money out of the account

You should ask your social worker about getting the money out of your account when you reach 18 years old.

Leaving care

When you leave care, you will get all sorts of help to set you up to living independently, whether you go to university, into training or get a job.
Advice and support for leaving care.