Education, relationships, health and money as a looked after child

School life


If you have any problems with doing your homework, you should talk to your carer, your social worker or your teacher.

Some schools have a homework club and these can be a really useful way to get support with your homework.

Your carer or residential home should have a computer for you to do your homework on.

Parents evenings and open days

Your family, foster carer or your social worker can go to your school’s parents evening and open days. You will have a say in who goes along to the parents evening and we will write it in your personal education plan.

School trips

Going on school trips is part of every child’s and young person’s school life and is no different if you are being looked after by us.

If a school trip involves an overnight stay or a longer time away, your carer will discuss it with your social worker. Your social worker will need to write to the school to give permission for you to go.

If the school trip is abroad, you will need to allow plenty of time before the trip to get a passport if you don’t have one.