Education, relationships, health and money as a looked after child

Your health

On this page you can find out how we help you to look after your health. And you can get advice on how you can best look after yourself while you are in care.             

Health check-ups for looked after children and young people

When you first become looked after, you will be invited to have an initial medical check-up with a paediatrician and a Looked After Children (LAC) nurse. This is to make sure that you have no health problems and are keeping well. And you can talk about any worries you might have about your health. 

Yearly check-ups

While you are looked after by us, you will be invited to have a health check with one of the LAC nurses every year. During this check up, the nurse will talk to you about any health concerns you might have as well as making sure you know how to get any more health information you might need

While you are looked after we will:

  • Make sure that your routine immunisations are up to date. These are very important as they protect you from a lot of serious illnesses
  • Make sure you are registered with a dentist and have check-ups every six months to keep your teeth in good condition
  • Make sure you have regular eye tests at the optician. Once a year is recommended.
  • Send you a health care plan after your health checks with the LAC nurse, which will tell you what you talked about and what you or your carer should go to see a doctor or another health professional about.

If you feel unwell

Everyone has times when they don’t feel well. You should always tell your carer or social worker if you are feeling unwell. They will be able to help you.

You should be registered with a GP local to where you live, so that you can get advice and manage any health problems you may have.