Youth Safety

Community Parenting Advocates (CPAs)

We want to build a diverse network of Community Parenting Advocates (CPAs) across Newham wards who will steer community conversations, support collective healing and build community resilience. Apply before 5pm on 15 October 2021

CPAs will receive:

  • Bespoke training delivered by leading experts to increase their understanding of issues relating to youth safety in Newham, and equip them with the skills and confidence to deliver culturally competent, therapeutic conversations within their communities.
  • Ongoing support to provide them with the practical and emotional support they need to deliver the role effectively.
  • Regular network meetings with the Council, elected Members, local Voluntary & Community Sector organisations and other Community Parenting Advocates to share learning, voice concerns, and identify collaborative solutions to improving youth safety across the Borough.
  • Access to small grants (from around £500-£5,000 each) to support the delivery of events and activities to help raise awareness of, and tackle issues relating to youth safety in their communities.

People are more likely to open up to, and welcome advice from people within their communities who they already know, trust and respect. Becoming a Community Parenting Advocate (CPA) is an incredible way to contribute to creating an environment where young people feel listened to and where they are connected to a healthy and supportive network which is an important protective factor in supporting young people to flourish and thrive, not simply survive.

If you wish to express your interest in becoming a CPA, please get in touch with Kirsty Jones at [email protected], who will be able to send you a short application form.