Youth Safety

Youth Safety Interventions

As part of the work to increase Youth Safety in the borough we have implemented interventions which are supporting young people in Newham:

Well Newham Resources and Referral link 

Keeping our young people safe | Well Newham

Stay Safe App

Newham Stay Safe App – Women's Safety – Newham Council

Safety In Schools Offer

SAFE (safe, attend, fulfil, exceed) taskforce | Newham Connect

Working with the Metropolitan Police schools engagement team in Newham we are working in partnership to raise awareness of and increase up take in the delivery of a number of youth safety workshop delivered by our police partners.

Workshops include:

  • Make Peace (Youth Safety) Programme
  • Homicide: Joint enterprise and consequences
  • MO7 Taskforce TSG: Stop and Search
  • Violence against Women and Girls and Consent
  • Knife Crime
  • Effective Searched – Powers and Policy (for school staff)
  • Gangs Awareness
  • Drugs Awareness