Our Just Transition Plan

Our achievements so far

  • Understanding climate and public health
  • Empowering communities with solar power
  • Planting pocket forests for cleaner and greener local schools

Understanding climate and public health

Public health is one of the most critically affected areas by climate change. As part of our plan to prepare for a changing climate, we have combined up-to-date research and expertise to understand how this impacts health and health equity in Newham. This is crucial to identify what we, as a council, can do to prevent health harms from a changing climate.

In December 2023, we have launched our new informative and visual poster breaking down priority issues targeting the most acute and impactful effects of climate change in Newham. 

Empowering communities with solar power

Newham Council is helping residents become more involved in how our borough is powered.

We have partnered with Repowering London, an organisation that empowers communities to co-create renewable energy projects. This will see solar panel installations installed at East Ham Library, Beckton Globe and Stratford Library, with profits being re-invested into further projects in Newham.

The collaboration has brought together local volunteers to form Community Energy Newham, with residents becoming the key stakeholders, investors, and decision-makers through regular workshops and educational activities. This community-owned solar energy will help reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, whilst promoting community action for climate change and strengthening social connections.

The first solar panel installation was officially launched at East Ham Library in October 2023.

Solar panel image collage

Planting pocket forests for cleaner and greener local schools

We want every child in Newham to enjoy and learn about nature. That’s why we have joined forces with SUGi, a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in accelerating biodiversity in urban environments. 

SUGi’s pocket forest projects are perfect for schools, creating dense, wildlife-rich environments for children of all ages. These vibrant areas of woodland not only provide new outdoor educational opportunities, but also health benefits through reduced air pollution, flood reduction, and better mental health.

Even better, SUGi’s projects are interactive, with children learning about different types of trees by planting them in the soil with their own hands!

This collaboration is another step towards increasing Newham’s long-term resilience in a way that puts residents at the heart of what we do, offering learning, community and health benefits for current and future generations.

Want to see a pocket forest at your local school? Ask the headteacher to get in touch via email Climate.Action@newham.gov.uk

Here are the first schools to join us in making our borough more resilient and vibrant.

Hallsville Primary School

Mayor with people and children from hallsville primary image

West Ham Church Primary School

West Ham Church Primary School collage 1