Carers Strategy 2021-24

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Between 2019 to 2020 we spoke to over 500 carers to understand more about how we could improve carers support services in Newham. Using this feedback, and in partnership with our partners across Health and the Voluntary & Community Sector we have developed a new, multi-agency strategy to support Carers of all ages, from 5 years old onwards. 

Who is this strategy for?

This strategy is for anyone who regularly supports another person on an unpaid basis – whether that be a friend, child with additional needs, relative, loved one, or a combination of these people. This is not the same as someone who provides care professionally, or through a voluntary organisation.

Supporting Carers has never been more important, and now we have more unpaid Carers in our borough than ever before. The action plan within this strategy sets out the practical steps that we are collectively going to take to recognise, involve, empower and support carers – young and old over the next three years.

How will a strategy help?

The strategy sets out a single, integrated plan for how we will holistically work with and support our Carers across five key outcome areas. Through the strategy we will:

  1. Recognise and raise the profile of Carers in the borough; and support residents to identify themselves as a Carer early in their caring journey
  2. Involve, listen and respect Carers in planning the care and support which the cared for individual receives - enabling safe, effective and personalised care; with a marked increase in carers assessments and combined assessments
  3. Empower Carers to manage their caring role so that they are able to look after their own health and wellbeing and have a life of their own alongside their caring responsibilities
  4. Support Carers to maintain & fulfil their education and employment potential so that they are free from financial disadvantage related to their caring role
  5. Support young Carers from inappropriate caring and provide the support they need to learn, develop and thrive; and enjoy a positive childhood.

The Council, Newham Executive, and Health & Wellbeing Board have all signed off on the strategy and are committed to its successful delivery.  A multi-agency Carers Strategy Delivery Board containing Carer experts by experience will be meeting on a quarterly basis to ensure that the strategy is delivered to time and quality, and will produce an annual report on progress that will be published on these pages.

Join the Carers Resident Advisory Group

Join the Carers Resident Advisory Group to have your say. This is a voluntary opportunity to join a group of local carers to share your thoughts on how we can make improvements to the service. You will receive updates on the progress being made to support Carers and meetings will be held quarterly.

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