Day services for people with a Learning Disability

BSL Support

The Preparing for Adulthood and Learning Disabilities teams provide the following day services to support people with a learning disability:

Learning Disability & Autism Services

We provide a wide range of day activities for adults aged 18+ with learning disabilities and Autism.

We support people depending on their needs and this can be delivered one-to-one, two-to-one or in shared support settings.

All of our services work towards improving skills and abilities that enable people to be as independent as possible.

Autism Service

Our service provides day activities for people with Autism. 

We promote independent travel but also offer specialised transport for those who find public transport difficult.

Our centre in Mariner Road, Manor Park E12 allows people the space to find ways to manage stress and challenges before taking a first step into the community.

Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) Service

We provide day activities and support for people with PMLD. Each person has a person-centred plan that includes physical and educational activities. We also work together with health care partners to ensure a good standard of care and support.


We support and develop skills, focusing on transitioning into a workplace for adults with learning disabilities and Autism. We also provide:

  • Work experience
  • Training.

Skills Development

It is really important for us that we support people to build and develop skills. Our team is passionate about helping people to improve their:

  •  Independence
  • Self confidence
  • Health and wellbeing.

We use local facilities as well as setting up community projects in Newham to help to achieve this.