Help after leaving hospital

BSL Support

If you are due to or have been discharged from hospital following an illness or operation, you might need support with:

  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Washing and dressing
  • Toileting
  • Preparing a hot meal or drink or
  • Equipment to help you become more independent.

If you have been admitted to a ward and you or the ward staff feel that you will find it difficult to manage at home without some help, you will be referred to the Integrated Discharge Hub (IDH). A multi-disciplinary team of professionals will then make arrangements for you to return home safely. This could include organising community health services, providing equipment, or arranging a care package.

Please ask the nurse in charge of your care to refer you through to the service. 

The Discharge and Assessment Team (DAT)

The DAT:

  • Will carry out an assessment with all Newham residents whose needs have changed since being in hospital (except for those customers who are in a Mental Health Hospital) – this will take place once you return home or when you are temporarily being cared for in a different place, such as a care home.
  • Will look at the support you may need with you to ensure that you are able to return home safely.
  • Recognises the role of carers in providing support to people with health problems.

After the assessment we:

  • Will identify and agree your needs with you
  • Discuss the help and support available to meet them
  • According to the seriousness of your situation, we may recommend a period of reablement to help you regain your independence.

Care worker

If you don't qualify for a care package from Adult Social Care you could arrange to employ a care worker privately through a Home Care Agency.

Remember to take care to choose one that is registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). You can find registered care agencies on their website: