Help to quit smoking

Top tips to quit smoking 

1. Attend Newham’s stop smoking service. 

2. Set a date to stop and stick to it 

3. Use an NHS approved treatment or medication. You could also consider using an electronic cigarette. Your stop smoking advisor can help you decide which product to use. 

4. Get rid of all your left over cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters. 

5. Let people know you are stopping – you are going to need their support. 

6. Make plans for coping with stressful situations and times when you know you usually smoke. 

7. Do something else – distract yourself any way you can. 

8. Try to put aside the money you would have spent on cigarettes each day and treat yourself with the money you have saved. 

9. Drink plenty of water or fruit juice. 

10. Think positively; take it one day at a time. 

Get help to quit smoking 

The local stop smoking service provides free support and advice to all smokers living in Newham. It has already helped many thousands of people quit the habit. You may be able to find help through your pharmacy or GP.