Supported accommodation

Supported Living

BSL Support

A supported living service will provide you with a personal support plan, mapping out the type of support needed in different areas of your life to achieve personal goals.

Goals might include:

  • Maintaining your home
  • Managing personal finances
  • Developing domestic and life skills
  • Accessing employment, training or volunteering opportunities
  • Developing and maintaining personal relationships
  • Keeping in touch with family.

Who can live there?

Supported living is available for people over 18 years old with an assessed need such as a learning disability, or mental health needs.

If you believe supported living is right for you, please contact the Access to Adult Social Care team. We can provide/ arrange services for you but there are other ways to get support.

Other ways to get support

You can self-fund, or if you are assessed as qualifying for a Adult Social Care funded care package you can choose to have an personal budget. The money that you receive from us can be used to arrange your own support.