Policies that define the way we provide support

Changes to the Care Act from 1 April 2015

There is now: 

  • A new national level of care and support needs to make care and support more consistent across the country 
  • New support for carers  
  • Deferred payment agreements for care costs. 

New national level of care and support 

For the first time, there is a national level of care and support needs that all councils will consider when we assess what help we can give to you. This may result in you being eligible for care and support, and will make it easier for you to plan for the future.  

Whatever your level of need, we can put you in touch with the right organisation to support your wellbeing and help you remain independent for longer. 

Find out more about needs and eligibility assessment (Word).

New support for carers 

You now may be eligible for support, such as a direct payments to spend on the things that make caring easier; or practical support, like arranging for someone to step in when you need a short break. You may prefer to be put in touch with local support groups so you have people to talk to. 

The council covering the area where the person you care for lives can help you find the right support and you can ask them for a carer’s assessment. 

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Deferred payment agreements 

Deferred payment agreements are already offered in Newham but now deferred payment agreements are available across England.  

This means that people should not have to sell their homes to pay for care, as they have sometimes had to do in the past. 

A deferred payment agreement is an arrangement with the council that will enable some people to use the value of their homes to pay for their care. If you are eligible, we will help to pay the care home bills on your behalf. You can delay repaying us until you choose to sell your home, or until after your death. 

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