Policies that define the way we provide support

How we plan your health services


We work with health and social care partners to look at the health needs of our residents. We gather information to report and document how we plan to do this and how we are tracking against those plans, to help tackle inequalities in the borough. 

These reports can help you to understand the health of your community. 

You can read the reports, fact sheets, and strategies produced by the team here

Newham ward health profiles 

We use health profiles to bring together information about the health of the population of Newham.  

The profiles use graphs and diagrams to show a range of health-related data in each ward, including: 

  • Deaths from major diseases such as heart disease and stroke 
  • Levels of childhood obesity 
  • Low birth weight 
  • Unemployment 
  • Child poverty 
  • Emergency admission to hospital. 

By breaking the data down into wards, we are able to compare health in areas across the borough as well as England as a whole.    

Newham Primary Care Network profiles

As well as the ward-level profiles, the Primary Care Network profiles shows the health information of the patients registered with the GPs who are part of each Primary Care Network.