Policies that define the way we provide support

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

We work with the Newham Clinical Commissioning Group to prepare the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.  

The document sets out the health and wellbeing needs of Newham residents now and in the future, based on a number of factors including: 

  • Population 
  • Use of health and social care services 
  • Patterns of illness and poor health 
  • Factors that affect health, including housing, poverty, employment and the environment. 

Its aim is to find the areas of the borough where we need to improve the health and wellbeing of residents, helping us to plan, prioritise and commission health and social care services.  

Here are the latest and previous versions: 

Adult Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2017-19 (PDF)

Children and Young People’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2017-2018 Update (PDF) 

Children and Young People's Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2016-18 (PDF)

Mental Health Needs Assessment 

We work with the Newham Clinical Commissioning Group to produce the Mental Health Needs Assessment (2016-18). The assessment provides an accurate, intelligent data-based description of mental health and mental illness in Newham.  

Mental Health Needs Assessment 2016-18 (PDF)