Public Health Information: Reports, Strategies and Fact Sheets

Strategies and Reports

Public Health work with health and social care partners to look at the health needs of our residents. Information and intelligence (both qualitative and quantitative) is combined to create plans to meet the needs identified and detail how we will work collaboratively to help tackle inequalities in the borough.


The approach the Public Health team and partners are taking to address the health needs identified in Needs Assessments are set out in strategies.

As well as an overarching public health strategy, there are also more specific strategies to address specific topics and needs. These often contain more detail on how the strategy will be delivered than the overarching strategy.

Annual Report

Every council's Director of Public Health has a statutory responsibility to produce an annual report.  

Our 2016/17 annual report (PDF) focused on women and health in Newham. It highlights the valuable contributions women make to their own health and some of the challenges they face that are harmful to their health. 

The 2015/16 annual report (PDF) focused on bowel cancer and the innovative work to improve the uptake of screening tests in the borough.

More reports

50 Steps Update Report for 2022 (PDF)
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50 Steps Documents

Healthier Strategy 2020-2023 well newham evidence document 50 steps

Personalised Care Roles in Newham 

Personalised Care Roles in Newham (PCRP) Final Report (PDF)

Supplementary documents for PCRP

COVID-19 Documents

Covid 19 health impacts mental wellbeing covid-19 assessment - december 2020 impact of covid-19 on newham

More Reports

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