Building control

What is building control?

If you want to build in Newham you might need to get building control approval from us. Building control approval is different from planning permission. You may sometimes hear it referred to as ‘building regulations’. 

Building control is about ensuring consistent, safe standards in: 

  • Building and construction 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Accessibility and ease of use – particularly for wheelchair users. 

Our surveyors protect the health and safety of people in and around buildings by making sure that you follow the law during the building process. 

When do you need building control approval? 

You can find out about the types of work which need building control approval and those which don’t on the government website. The government website also has information about work to or near shared (or party) walls.

If you start building without approval, you might: 

  • Put the health and safety of the people in the property at risk 
  • Have to do expensive alterations or demolish the work later 
  • Have to go to court and receive a fine 
  • Have problems in the future when you try to sell the property.  

When you don’t need building control approval 

Sometimes you don't need approval for building work, but there are strict rules. Unless you have a professional adviser you will need to check if your work needs approval before you start. If you don’t check, you may have to make costly changes later on.  

Fees for building control applications 

You can find out more information about the fees associated with building control in our building control charging scheme (PDF)

Service plans for building site inspections 

Site inspections are an important part of making sure that you meet safety standards.  

For the latest inspection service plans, go to the Local Authority Building Control website.

Book a  building control inspection

Building Control customer satisfaction survey

Renovating and extending your home advice

If you would like guidance and information on renovating or extending your home take a look at the latest eBooks from Newham and Local Authority Building Control (LABC). The eBooks are specific to Newham and are full of helpful information from planning your project to completing the work.