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Environmental Permitting

Newham’s rich industrial heritage was forged from Stratford to Silvertown with a mix of shipbuilding, ‘the sugar mile’, flour mills, rubber and creosote works.  Today, the Newham Plan has transformed many of these industrial sites into waterside neighbourhoods and parkland squares.

The Environmental Control Team and Environment Agency regulates Newham’s remaining industry under the Environmental Permitting Regulations, which includes regular inspections to ensure they operate within the conditions of their permits to control air pollution.

This map summarises the type and location of facilities permitted by Newham.

Permitted Industrial Facilities in Newham

The list of the facilities regulated by Newham (named ‘Part A2’ and ‘Part B activities under the regulations).

Public Register

If you would like specific information from the public register on the activities regulated by Newham or the Environment Agency, please complete the relevant online request form below.

Environmental public register resource
Newham regulated public register request form 
Environment Agency regulated public register request form Part A1 Activates and Waste operations

What types of industrial activities need a permit?

To check which activities need a permit and whether the licenses are issued by the Environment Agency (EA), Local Authority on the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) please visit: Environmental Permit Public Register  

How to apply for an environmental permit

If your business requires an environmental permit you can apply online or phone us on 020 8430 2000 and ask for the Environmental Control Team.

Temporary deployment of regulated mobile plant in Newham
If you are planning to deploy a regulated mobile plant in Newham (i.e. a mobile crusher on a demolition site), you must notify us before its deployment at

We will need to know:

  • The plant details
  • The name of the Local Authority where the mobile plant is permitted
  • Date you plan to move the mobile plant into Newham.
  • You must notify us of any changes during the deployment.

Consultations on environmental permits

If you apply for a new permit – or apply to change (vary) an existing license in a way which affects the control of pollution – we may consult the public for their views on the application.

There are no live consultations. Future consultations will be available here.  

Appealing the refusal of a permit

If we refuse your application for a permit, you can appeal. Call us on 020 8430 2000 and ask for the Environmental Control Team.

If your appeal fails, you can appeal to the Secretary of State within six months of the date of our decision.

Operating a regulated facility without an environmental permit or contravene a permit condition?

If you operate a facility in contravention to the regulations, our enforcement procedure includes issuing an enforcement notice to rectify the violation and/or take direct legal action. The notice will set out what you have to comply within a fixed period of time.

Operating a facility without permission is illegal and may result in a fine or prison sentence.
Sentencing Guidelines:



Maximum, when tried on indictment

Maximum, when tried summarily

Offence Range
Triable either way Triable either way
Organisation Unlimited fine Unlimited fine £100 fine – £3 million fine
Individual Unlimited fine and/or 5 years’ custody Unlimited fine and/or 6 months’ custody Conditional discharge – 3 years’ custody

The sentence will be based on the seriousness of the offence and the size of your company. For further guidance under the legislation, refer to the DEFRA website