Air quality in Newham

Air Quality Action Plan, progress and delivery

Our road transport, planning and development strategies are now all focused on improving air quality for residents and visitors of Newham.

The Air Quality Management Area

Certain pollutants in Newham exceed the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines as well as the national air quality objectives for human exposure. In response, we issued a borough-wide Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) Order in December 2019 for particulate, and NO2 pollution and produced an action plan.

Air Quality Management Area Recourses

Map of Air Quality Management Area
Borough Wide Air Quality Management Area Order 

The Air Quality Action Plan

The Mayor of Newham, Rokhsana Fiaz, has launched a comprehensive five-year plan to tackle poor air quality in the borough.
Read our Air Quality Action Plan 2019 to 2024 (PDF)

Air Quality Action Plan Consultation

A consultation process was undertaken in 2018 for six weeks on the councils Draft Air Quality Action Plan.

The following document summarises the consultation process, the responses received, and our response to suggestions and the issues raised, including the resulting changes to the plan.

Summary of Consultation Responses to the Draft Air Quality Action Plan 2019 to 2024 (PDF

The five year Air Quality Action Plan will help us to organise and monitor our work, compare data and results from previous years.

The Mayor of Newham has established an Air Quality and Climate Change Task Force and a Commissioner has been appointed by the Mayor to support her in the delivery of the Air Quality Action Plan across all Council Services.

Annual Review and Assessment Report

The Mayor of London (MoL) is responsible for legal approval on each London local authorities air quality annual status report. This document contains Formal Feedback from the GLA (PDF) on Newham’s 2019 Air Quality Annual Status Report (ASR) as well as a summary of progress for recent GLA London-wide air quality initiatives based on the evidence provided by LB Newham report. It concludes that for all sources of pollutants, the annual status report was acceptable under the legislative requirements and made no negative comments about the report detail.

We welcome this positive feedback from MoL as it demonstrates good progress has been made on our air quality approach under the current mayoral administration. We have adopted a new Air Quality Action Plan in November 2019 and are working towards achieving these new ambitious targets.

The GLA provided specific feedback to LB Newham on this report included the following 

  • Newham has provided a detailed ASR that uses the standard template and covers the required content. 
  • The borough-wide AQMA has been declared for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particulates (PM10) exceedances.  
  • The Local Authority has five automatic monitoring sites measuring NO2 (four sites), PM10 (four sites) and Particulates; PM2.5 (one site). Three of these are London City Airport sites. 
  • In 2019 there were at total of 25 exceedances of the 24-hour mean objective for PM10. There were 7 exceedances across the NO2 diffusion tube network. 
  • The NO2 and PM10 annual means generally remained constant at the automatic monitoring sites from 2018 to 2019. There has been a general decrease in concentrations since 2013. 
  • A detailed breakdown of the different elements of monitoring within the borough is provided with evidence of QA/QC. 
  • A new AQAP was published and adopted during November 2019, building on measures from the previous action plan, and introducing a large number and wide range of new measures and the status report demonstrates clear progress has been made. It is based on the new London Air Quality Action Matrix table.

Particularly notable measures and actions by Newham undertaken in 2019 include: 

  • An anti-idling campaign, 
  • Installing 3 km of dedicated cycling infrastructure in Stratford Town Centre. 
  • The introduction of three electric vehicles into the Council fleet. 
  • Training 30 ‘air quality champions’ in conjunction with Public Health Team and cascading training to council fleet drivers and staff. 

Proposed actions for the next reporting year were also set out, such as the expansion of both the automatic and non-automatic monitoring network and a trial zero-emission last-mile delivery project in Stratford in 2020.

Annual Review and Assessment Report 2020

Every year we review our progress in meeting the air quality actions in our plan and if air quality has improved. You can read about our progress in our Annual Review and assessment report.

Air Quality Annual Status Report 2020 (PDF)