Air quality in Newham

How you can help reduce air pollution

There are number of behavioural changes and steps you can take to help to improve air quality.  

  • Eat less meat and dairy products 
  • Buy local produce if possible and available 
  • Walk and cycle more or for short journeys  
  • Use public transport wherever possible 
  • Avoid short journeys as they are far less efficient for your vehicle 
  • Car share, particularly on popular journeys such as the school run 
  • Drive smoothly, at the same speed and at the speed limit, so you can make sure you use fuel more efficiently and reduce emissions (waste from car exhausts) 
  • Make sure you look after your vehicle and that it meets standards for emissions. 
  • Compost garden waste, don’t burn it – bonfires cause air pollution and can annoy neighbours; we can take legal action against you if you keep using bonfires 
  • Use local services for waste treatment and removal of rubbish 
  • Recycle 
  • Use our green and garden waste services 
  • Use paints, varnishes, glues, wood preservatives with a water base or use products with a low solvent content. 

Report dust, smoke or other nuisances

For complaints about odour from large industry:


Call us on 020 3373 0643

If you need help out of office hours call the Initial Response Team on 020 8472 9624

If you think you smell gas, call The National Grid immediately on 0800 111 999

Report air pollution (currenlty unavailable)