Manor Park and Little Ilford


In the Manor Park neighbourhood we are creating a number of new and improved spaces for the Manor Park communities to come together, exercise and work. We are also improving the quality of the environment and improving cycling and walking connections around Manor Park to make it a more attractive, safer and healthier place to spend time.

The Manor Park neighbourhood is one of Newham’s 8 Community Neighbourhoods. Details about the neighbourhood, including a map of the area, some census data and information on the People Powered Places programme in the area can be found in the Manor Park Community Neighbourhood booklet (PDF).

There are a number of neighbourhood investment projects taking place in Manor Park, delivering neighbourhood assets, making healthy and safe connections and improving vibrant streets. On the following pages you can find details about the projects including descriptions, objectives, timelines and ways to get involved.

Many of these neighbourhood investment projects are being delivered following recommendations in the Newham High Streets Report (PDF) that was published in Summer 2021. The Newham High Streets Report (2021) covers Green Street, Forest Gate, Manor Park and Little Ilford. It was developed following extensive community engagement to find out how residents would like to see their neighbourhoods improved. You can look directly at the strategic delivery plan only for Manor Park (PDF) or the strategic delivery plan only for Little Ilford (PDF).

One year after the publication of the Newham High Streets Report (2021), the majority of the project recommendations have funding and Council officers are now working to deliver projects. Details about the progress being made to deliver the projects that were the most popular with local communities can be found in the Manor Park – Project Delivery Tracker: Summer 2022 (PDF) and Little Ilford – Project Delivery Tracker: Summer 2022 (PDF) tracking documents.