Moving to secondary school

Apply for a Year 7 secondary school place

Take time to read our e-booklet We Are Going To Secondary School (PDF) as this explains the admission process in full detail.

National closing day for on time applications is Tuesday 31 October 2023 11.59pm. Applications we receive after this date are late. These late applications are processed after applications that are on time. Late applicants are less likely to get a place at the school they prefer.

Applications we receive after this date are late. These late applications are processed after applications that are on time. Late applicants are less likely to get a place at the school they prefer.

If want to make any changes to your application (add new schools or change your schools or change the order of those preferences) after the closing date, please fill in and email us the ‘Change of Preference Form’ (available from 1 November 2023). See full details about changing your application below.

Apply online

Parents/carers can apply for a year 7 place for September 2024 through the eAdmissions website.

Applicants will need to register and create a password before they can start their application.

All Newham primary and junior schools can help you to apply for a school place using eAdmissions site if you don’t have access to IT or web devices/equipment.  

How to register for eAdmissions account

Please upload any relevant documents on your eAdmissions account.  Your documents can be added to the application until national closing day.

Supplementary Information Forms (SIFs) must not be uploaded on your eAdmissions account. Instead, they must be sent directly to the schools or local authorities that ask for them.  In Newham, St Angela’s Ursuline School and St Bonaventure’s ask for SIFs if you apply under their faith criterion.

Getting a receipt

If you apply online and successfully submit (make) your application, you will get an email confirmation and be given an application reference number (ARN). Your ARN will look a bit like this 316-2024-09-E-001234. If a reference number is not received it means the application has not been successfully submitted. Applicants can easily log in to eAdmissions to check and submit their application again. 

Remember In the case of twins, triplets and so on, make sure you have a different ARN for each child.

Getting help

If you have any technical difficulties making your application online, please visit the eadmissions website.

If you still need help after contacting the helpdesk, please email or phone us - our details are below:

School Admissions and Appeals Team


Phone: 020 8430 2000

Can I change the information on my application form?

If your information changes, you must change the relevant sections on your online application form by the closing date. We will send you an email with a new version number every time you change your application.  If you cannot make these changes to your online application, you must email us and include supporting documents if necessary.  The new details that you give us will replace those on your previous form.  The last application you make before the closing date (on paper or online) is the one that we use to process your preferences.  

After the closing date, you must fill in and email us the Change of Preference Form (PDF)’, to make any changes. If we receive any of your changes after the closing date, we will treat those changes as ‘late’ as we offer places based on all information available on the closing date. This form will replace your last one and we cannot consider any schools not listed on this new form (including those you want your child to stay on the waiting list for). 

Any changes you make on this form will not appear on your eAdmissions account. Instead, we will email your results on 5 April 2024 if we receive your new application by 24 March 2024. Forms you send us after this date will be processed within 10 working days.

Supplementary Information Forms

Some schools ask for a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) to go with an application. This mainly applies to faith schools, the forms can be downloaded or can get them direct from the school. In Newham, St Angela’s Ursuline School and St Bonaventure’s ask for SIFs and are below for quick reference.  A SIF is not needed for these schools if are not applying under the school’s faith criterion.

St. Angela’s Ursuline School (PDF) 

St. Bonaventure’s (PDF)

Remember to complete and return the SIF to the school by the local deadline, for all faith schools located in Newham this is 31 October 2023. For schools outside of Newham the deadline maybe different, always check with the school.  

If a Supplementary Information Form is not submitted, the school will not be able to put your child in the correct priority group.

Important Note: A Supplementary Information Form is not an application form. If an applicant submits a Supplementary Information Form without submitting the main common application form, the request cannot be considered. 

What happens after applications have been submitted?

The admission authority for each school you have listed on the application will decide whether or not to offer your child a place. If a school is oversubscribed (receives more applications than available places), the admissions authority will use its published rules (admission criteria) to decide the order in which to offer places.  If it is not possible to offer a child a place at any of the schools their parents/carers listed on their application form, the local authority where the child lives will make arrangements for the child’s education.  In Newham we give the child a place at the closest school to the child’s home that has a space available – this may not be close to the child’s home but will be a Newham School.


For applications received by the 31 October 2023 (national closing date) results will be sent on national offer day - Friday 1 March 2024.

Online applicants will receive the information by email on the evening of 1 March 2024 which will ask them to log into their eAdmissions account. If you were not able to apply online but applied direct to the School Admissions and Appeals Team by the closing date, that team will send you the results by email. If you don’t have an email address we will send the results by first-class post on 1 March 2024.

Late applicants will also receive their outcome on 1 March 2024 if they applied by 31 January 2024. Applications received after 1 February, or those who have changed their on-time application after the closing date, will then be processed in weekly batches.  We will offer places for the applications we received in February on the second Friday after national offer day.  After this date, we will send results within 10 working days after we receive your late application form.

Do I have to accept the place offered

If you have been offered a place at a school is outside of Newham, parents/carers must accept the place using their eAdmissions account by 15 March 2024 or the place will be withdrawn.

For all other schools in Newham you do not need to do not need to do anything else unless you are making different arrangements for your child. 

If you cannot access your eAdmissions account or are making other arrangements for your child’s secondary education, please email details to us at so that we can update our records.