Primary school admissions

Starting in Reception - September 2022

For all children born between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018, their parents/carers must apply for a reception class place if they want them to start school in the academic year September 2022/2023. 

For information on how to apply for entry into other year groups in primary school, go to our In year admissions page.

Starting reception in an infant or primary school

In London since 2004, the 33 London boroughs and some of the Home Counties operate a Pan London coordinated scheme 2022/23 (PDF). Every family must apply to their home borough.  This means if a family live in Newham they must apply through Newham even if their child attends a nursery school outside of Newham or they are only interested in reception classes in another borough. 

Remember, parents/carers must apply for a place, even if:

  • They want their child to go to the local school.


  • Their child has an older brother or sister at the school.


  • They want their child to start reception in the school where they are attending nursery.

The law does not allow us to reserve reception places.