Newham roads and footways

Road gritting

If there is a risk of snow or icy conditions, we treat roads that are on a salting route with rock salt. We cannot treat all of our roads so our priority is busier roads such as bus routes and main roads. 

From October to April we receive regular forecast information from our weather service provider. This gives us the expected minimum road surface temperature and possibility of any snow expected over the next 24 hours, and up to five days ahead. The information helps us to decide when we will need to treat roads and footpaths. 

Wherever possible, we treat roads on a salting route before the road surface temperature falls below zero degrees. As the road surface temperature is different to the air temperature and can often be lower we may treat roads when the air temperature is expected to remain above freezing as the road surface temperature could be colder.

Although we aim to treat roads to reduce the risk of ice forming, this does not guarantee that there will not be ice.

Please drive according to the road conditions.

Please note that Transport for London is responsible for clearing and gritting red route roads. 

Map of our gritting routes

You can view our gritting routes on our interactive map below.

Instructions on how to use the map to view gritting routes:

  1. Click on the 3 lines next to search (top left hand corner)
  2. Select driver information from the dropdown
  3. 'Toggle on' winter gritting routes from the new drop down