Sustainable travel

Request a cycle parking

The London Borough of Newham is committed to increase cycling opportunities in the borough to tackle traffic congestion, improve air quality, promote physical activity and improve accessibility.

Our commitment includes promoting cycling as a serious transport alternative, and with the continuing growth in numbers of people who cycle, we recognise the need for safe and secure cycle parking for Newham residents.

Request a cycle parking 

View and register in existing cycle hangars

We have a number of hangars around the borough which offer secure parking for bicycles. 

You can find and register to use the hangars by going to Cyclehoop.

Types of bike parking

Bike Hangars

Bike hangars are communal bike lockers with space for six bicycles. Each Bike hangar unit occupies less than one car parking space. Local residents can rent a cycle parking space in the hangar by paying a fee and key deposit to the key management company.

Image of bike hangers

Sheffield stands

Bicycle stand consisting of a single inverted U-shaped metal bar that is mounted onto or embedded into the ground.

Image of sheffield stands