Gas servicing and repair

On this page you can find out about servicing and repairing gas appliances and how to report a fault.

Annual safety check

Information for tenants

If you are a council tenant, gas servicing is carried out by our repairs and maintenance team, RMS. They do an annual gas safety check of all the homes we manage.

RMS will write to you with an appointment to make the checks. If you can't make that appointment, you must phone the Repairs Operation Centre (ROC) on freephone 0800 952 5555 to arrange another appointment.

You must let them into your home to service council owned gas appliances. If you don't, we will take court action which will cost you £35. If we have to force our way into your home, the charge will increase to £160.RMS staff carry an identity card and should show it to you when they arrive. You should not let anyone into your home or building who claims to be doing gas checks and does not carry a Newham Council/RMS identity card.

RMS will send you a record of the visit.

If you are not a council tenant

If you rent privately you should contact your landlord or managing agent.
If you are a homeowner you can find a registered engineer on the Gas Safe website.

Non-urgent gas repairs

If you need a gas repair that is not urgent, you should phone the ROC on freephone 0800 952 5555.

Gas appliances

You should report any repairs needed to gas appliances to the ROC on freephone 0800 952 5555
You must not do any repairs or servicing to gas appliances yourself. The work must be done by a competent person registered with Gas Safe. It is illegal for any other person to do this work.

Gas leaks

If you suspect a gas leak, you should phone Transco on 0800 111 999.

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