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We support families in different circumstances. The support provided is varied and raises awareness about the damage domestic abuse does to children and young people, as well as offering useful ways to reduce its impact and exposure. With the help of professionals such as social workers, family therapists and teachers connected to you, we aim to offer you the opportunity to make changes to your life and help you to live free from abuse.

We understand that living with domestic abuse can be a frightening, lonely and isolating experience. Many families may feel ashamed or reluctant to talk with people about what is happening. We want all families to be able to seek support for anything that is happening in their homes which is harmful.

Domestic abuse can seriously harm children and young people. Witnessing domestic abuse is a form of abuse which can seriously impact on a child’s wellbeing and development. Children’s emotional and mental health can be significantly affected from growing up around domestic abuse.
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Support available

Building children’s resilience

NewDAy Children’s Wishes and Feelings​ is about listening to children and young people, exploring ways to build resilience and good relationships, and offering support with managing emotions and behaviours. Three sessions of one-to-one work.

Helping parents and children talk

NewDAy Talking about Emotions​ supports parents and children to talk to each other about things that matter. It aims to enable the child and parent to share their feelings and experiences with each other in a child focused way. Three sessions with main carer and children.

Getting the best out of school

NewDAy School and Learning​ supports children to improve their learning and life at school, building stronger relationships between home, teachers and school through an education support plan. Three terms of support with one-to-one work where appropriate.

Supporting dads to improve relationships with their children

NewDAy Caring Dads​ offers fathers who have abused, neglected, or exposed children to domestic violence the opportunity to develop skills to build  trusting relationships with their children. 17 sessions of group work.

Working through parental conflict

NewDAy Inter-parental Relationships​ supports parents to work through conflict, plan for safety and improve family relationships. It is for families with children on a Child in Need or Child Protection Plan. Up to 6 months with both parents; individually and together. 


How we work

Families can be referred for NewDAy social care interventions through their families first practitioner or social worker. Teachers can refer your child for the schools and learning offer as well.

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