NewDAy is our domestic abuse innovation programme, established to tackle the effects of domestic abuse on children and young people who access statutory social care services.

A team of domestic abuse pathfinders, teachers and family therapists work with families to improve family functioning and children’s education and emotional wellbeing. The programme is engaged with local partners such as schools, the police and community sector to co-ordinate activity and promote sustainability over the long term.

Types of support available

This programme is available for children, young people and families who are affected by domestic abuse, and are known to children’s social care services because they are in need of help and support.

Families gain access to therapeutic support to work through issues, manage risk and plan for safety and wellbeing. Children can access support from our education team to achieve their learning potential. 

The support that each family receives will differ depending on their individual needs and circumstances, but we will work with families, giving them both choice and independence, to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

How we work

Families known to social care services can be transferred to NewDAy when they meet the following criteria:
  • ​The child/children are on a Child in Need or Child Protection Plan, with a prevalence of domestic abuse
  • The family are open to engaging with a new programme and way of working
  • There is at least one school aged child attending a Newham school
As the programme develops and we begin to identify good practice, we will share more information with wider social work teams and our local partners. 

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Event: Working with families affected by Domestic Abuse ​

The NewDAy programme in association with the Institute of Family Therapy will be holding an upcoming event on innovative ways of working with domestic abuse to improve outcomes with children and families. 

This will be an opportunity to examine the ways we can work with the whole family unit while keeping the safety of the child paramount in everything we do.

The keynote speaker at the event will be world renowned clinical psychologist Professor Alan Jenkins author of ‘Invitations to Responsibility’ and ‘Becoming Ethical: A parallel, political journey with men who have abused’. 

This promises to be an informative conference aimed at educating and influencing the way practitioners work with one of the most prevalent issues in our profession.

The event will be taking place as Stratford Circus Arts Centre on the 8 February 2018 between 9.30am and 16.30pm. 
Please be aware that this a conference for professionals working with children and families. We reserve the right to cancel your ticket should you not be able to provide evidence of this if requested.​


Email​ for more information about the NewDAy programme. 

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